Hi and welcome to my blog! I’m Szu-In. And before anyone asks or tries to butcher my name, it’s pronounced Sue-in. The “z” is silent, and I’m not really sure why it’s in my name.

Some basic facts about me:

  • I’m 18 years-old and a senior in high school.
  • I cook, bake, and read in my free time.
  • I’m an avid fan of college basketball and always go into withdraw after the NCAA tournament ends. I retired from my own high school basketball career in February.
  • I’ve grown up playing classical music. I started piano when I was 4 and flute when I was 12. My favorite piano composer is Chopin. I like Bach for flute.
  • I’m a total foodie and am super adventurous when it comes to trying foods from various places around the world.

This blog “Global Flavors” is a product of my senior capstone project. My idea for this project came about when I was having a meal with my family that so vividly reminded me of our trip to Yellowstone National Park. Playing off the idea that memories and stories are interconnected to different foods, I baked and cooked various dishes from all around the world and wrote a creative piece to go along with each dish. This project gave me the opportunity to not only expand my culinary skills, but also work on my creative writing skills and learn about the culture of each country the dish originated from.


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